Success Stories

Life can be filled with despair and torment, not knowing what the day may bring.  Just ask the mother of a domestic violence victim, both Spanish speaking women who are new to this country and did not know that help was available.  A friend of the family put the mother and daughter in touch with the Delamano helpline.  After speaking with the victim, we were able to provide her with the necessary information about services in the area that were available to her.  The mother is currently attending a support group for family members of domestic violence victims.  The daughter has been receiving help from legal services in order to obtain a divorce.

Francisca “Wendy” Dejesus’ survival is a miracle. In the evening of November 21, 2006, her abusive husband pulled the trigger four times, hitting Dejesus in the hand, arm and head.  Another bullet lodged in the doorway.  Channys, age 8 at the time, was grazed in the foot with a bullet; Joel, age 10, called 911 saying “My mom’s been shot”.  That call saved Dejesus.  For the past three years, Delamano has provided referrals, support and sought donations for the family, especially during the holidays.  The Dejesus family knows that Delamano’s help is only a call away.

A mother of two boys, one severely handicapped, was beaten and left for dead by her abuser.  They sought help and support from Delamano.  She has relocated and is now the proprietor of her own business and has begun a new life with her sons.